• Information
    • TPSDoc® enables you to:
      - import information from a TDC3000 system into TPSDoc®
      - automatically generate configuration drawings and reports on screen and paper.
      - manage the information of multiple TDC3000 control systems.
      - run queries on the database
      - look for cross-references in other tagnames, schematics (US & GUS) and programs
      - 'see' the peer-to-peer communication
      - export data to other programs
      - compare projects
      - etc...

    • TPSDoc® will generate automatically all
      drawings and reports after the import of the
      files without any use of an external

      The drawings on the screen are interactive.

      Selecting for example the output of a logic-point will display the detail of that point. Also all the references to other points, schematics and CL-programs can be displayed with a simple mouseclick.

      These drawings are showed very fast
      (less than a 1/2 second).

      The drawings are calculated when you called up the detail, so no hard-disk space is needed to store any graphic.

      There is NO LIMITATION of tagnames or LCN's in TPSDoc®
      (The only limitation is the available diskspace and memory of the PC).

    • Graphical display

      - Logic-Points
      - Digital-Composite Points
      - Regulatory-Controller Points
      - Regulatory PV points
      - Device-Control-points
      - system setup
      - configuration sheet of the Extended-controller
      - configuration sheet of the Basic-Controller
      - configuration sheet of the Multifunction controller


  • Screenshots
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